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The Tripredacus Council has been an enigma since its introduction in Season 2 of Beast Wars. What role the mysterious trio have within the Predacon faction is largely unknown, but the greatest cause for debate has been in regards to their origins.

To that end, in a series of 4 one-shot pages that finally shed some light on this shadowy triumvirate, I have the pleasure to present:






A monumental amount of work has gone into these pages by the artists :iconmisterjazzz: and :icongwydion1982:. Check out their Galleries for more amazing pieces!

Thanks for reading. Please comment and enjoy!
- Rh1n0x.
G'Day all,

I'm on the hunt for Digital Colourists interested in collaborating on a set of 4 pages for a Transformers comic book series I'm producing.

Here's the Line Art for the first page to give you an idea of the quality you'll be working with:

Highly detailed and not for the faint of heart to take on, but they'd be incredible pieces to add to your portfolio.

The line art for the second page isn't too far away from completion either:

Ideally I'd love to have someone take on all four pages, but I realise that's an enormous undertaking, so if you're only interested in doing one of the pages, I'd still love to hear from you. Colour references will be forth coming in great number as you work closely with myself and the Line Artist to bring these fantastic pages to life.

Interested? Intrigued? Terrified? Get in touch :)

- Rh1n0x.
G'Day all,

As some of you might be aware, I'm currently working with Block Comics :iconjetblack0x:, LisaSky-Art :iconlisasky-art: and DanVzare :icondanvzare: to produce the first ten pages from Issue #1 of Rise of the Maximals, and as we've come to expect from these artists, the artwork is sublime:

The pages act as a preview for the story, and hopefully entice people to read the entire thing in its script format.

I've been incredibly fortunate to work with some amazing artists since joining DeviantArt four years ago, and I'm extremely proud of the work we've created together -- all 160+ pages of it! With TXS-1089 :icontxs-1089: finishing off the lines for the last couple of pages for TransWarp: Maxim (what I thought would be the end of my comic producing journey), I've found that the itch remains -- I want to keep collaborating and making comics.

Producing whole issues is a hell of a feat, so in the vein of the preview pages for Rise of the Maximals, I want to produce previews (little tasters, teasers) for my other stories -- just a page or two to set the mood.

Interested? Here's what you'd be working with:

From Issue #1 of Transformers: Honour, Pages 1 to 4: Dinobot is rescued by a mysterious stranger, and so begins his path towards becoming the warrior we know him to be in Beast Wars.

From Issue #1 of Transformers: X, a single page: Protoform X is released from his holding cell, deep beneath Colony Omicron. We know it won't end well...

From Issue #1 of The Warning After, Pages 6 to 9: Rodimus gets violent while playing bad cop to a suspect found with the body of a dead Predacon Councillor.

From Transformers: Unity (the BotCon 2016 Beast Wars Anniversary Comic Book that should have been), Pages 1 to 4: Cheetor is out of his depth as a hoard of Sharkticons invade Cybertron. He is rescued by a lone Predacon, Dinobot, before teaming up with Optimus Primal and the rest of the crew to try and escape to gnashing teeth of the marauding Quintesson Army.

From Transformers: Chronicles - Eukaris, Page 1: Primal and Megatron (in their bat and crocodile bodies no less!) survey the damage of a crashed Cybertronian ship while musing on what it means for the future of their home planet of Eukaris.

All four pages of Gathering Darkness: The Tripredacus Council, from beginning to...

So, did anything tickle your fancy? If so, please get in touch, I'd love to hear form you. Whether you're someone I've worked with previously, someone new or someone looking to dip their toe into sequential comic book artwork, let's talk Transformers!

- Rh1n0x.

Fear grips the colony of Eukaris as fiery debris from a stricken ship rains down on the planet. In swift response, the ruling Council decide upon a proactive approach to ascertain any potential threat to their world -- the Space Bridge will be extracted from the slumbering Metrotitan, Chela, to re-establish contact with Cybertron.

Megatron demands a show of force to dissuade any enemies, new or old, but Primal suggests they begin by extending a hand of friendship -- after so long, the fires from the War of the Primes would surely have burnt out.

Meanwhile, in the shadows, a secretive trio watch on as their plan comes together -- the Space Bridge will soon be within reach of their army of Insectoid Drones. With the fate of not only Eukaris but of every world connected by a Space Bridge at stake, who can stop the Tripredacus?

G'Day all,

As anyone familiar with IDW's Transformers universe will know, the Windblade miniseries that first introduced us to the planet Eukaris left us with many questions about Onyx Prime's bestial colony. For example: Why had the tribe split into four factions? But the most pressing question for me -- Where were Optimus Primal and Megatron? I set about constructing an answer.

This is my first attempt at writing a story set within IDW's universe, but wouldn't you know it, it also doubles as a Beast Wars 20th Anniversary story.

Bonus points for anyone who picks up on a particular peculiarity in regards to Megatron...

Read, comment and enjoy!

- Rh1n0x.
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